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Rooted in traditional Indian craftsmanship, IndiRookh spreads itself out across dynamic and modern designs in creating classic and timeless styles.

Rookh, meaning tree, defines the essence of this brand. Sustainability with a diverse colour palette being its main trunk on which stands an array of products including women’s kurtas, dresses, tunics, tops along with breezy pants and pyjamas. Comfort at affordable prices remains the key element across board.

The riot of colours, fabrics and trims work as an inspiration to innovate and design.


Idea for Indirookh came up in the year 2020, in colourful city of Jaipur. IndiRookh creates styles that are simple, crafty and infused with a minimalism.
However, Fashion and garment production aren’t new to us. Our company saw humble beginnings nearly two decades ago in 2003, with just two sewing machines whirring countless ideas. The brand initially supplied clothes to some of the biggest corporates in the business before we decided to take the plunge and fly solo. As, the machines slowly began multiplying, so did ideas of branching into new territories like this web store.

 But, throughout the journey, what stayed constant was the belief of our founder, ‘Buy Local; Make Local’.

Just like a tree is as strong as its roots, we are also as strong as our designs whose purity comes from hand-done fabrics along with craft-based prints.


With a workforce of over 50 in our Jaipur-based factory, we strive to provide a safe and fair system to both our employees and customers. Lending us a helping hand in our process are non-profit organisations like AhamBhumika who partner with us to provide embroidery work to women in remote villages near Bhopal. We also work with many Hand block artisans across the Jaipur cluster and it has been a mutually beneficial relationship so far.

Our impetus on good quality of fabric, designed and created ethically & sustainably, remains our core. Each product goes through a series of quality checks to ensure that you look and feel your best as you wear it.


From a dreamy design student at NIFT to a busy entrepreneur, life has been a roller coaster with thrilling twists and turns. As a woman entrepreneur, I have had a great time carving my niche in a tier-two town that is mushrooming with designers with varied sensibilities. An artist at core, I draw inspiration from my love for colours and fluidity of prints, which shine through the products IndiRookh creates.

This brand is an extension of my own self and the clothes speak a language that breathes craft.

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